Carlos M. Ortiz


Robustness Metrics for Real-World Adversarial Examples (with Brett Jefferson), submitted, November 2019.
[ arXiv:1911.10435 ]

Hypernetwork Science via High-Order Hypergraph Walks (with Sinan Aksoy, Cliff Joslyn, Brenda Praggastis, Emilie Purvine), submitted, June 2019.
[ arXiv:1906.11295 ]

Learning Parameters and Constitutive Relationships with Physics Informed Deep Neural Networks (with Alexandre Tartakovsky, Paris Perdikaris, Guzel Tartakovsky and David Barajas-Solano), submitted, August 2018.
[ arXiv:1808.03398, slides (Indiana), Repo ]

On the Structure of Isometrically Embeddable Metric Spaces (with Katy Nowak and Steven Young ), submitted, June 2017.
[ arXiv:1612.08769 ]

Classification of Rank 5 Premodular Categories (with Paul Bruillard), J. Math. Phys., vol. 59, 011702, Janurary 2018.
[ paper, arXiv:1612.08769, slides (JMM 2017) ]

Quantum Graph Homomorphisms via Operator Systems (with Vern Paulsen), Linear Algebra Appl., vol. 497, pp. 23-43, May 2016.
[ paper, arXiv:1505.00483, slides (Barcelona 2015), slides (JMM 2016) ]

Lovász Theta Type Norms and Operator Systems (with Vern Paulsen), Linear Algebra Appl., vol. 477, pp. 128-147, July 2015.
[ paper, arXiv:1412.7101, slides (JMM 2015) ]


Image Compression using Simulated Annealing (with A. Dutta, G. Kim, M. Lamoureux, M. Li, P. Ronagh, M. Sinha, C. Stiegler), IMA Report, August 2015.
[report, slides]

Conferences (Co-Organizer)

Special Session on Topological Phases of Matter and Quantum Computation at the 2016 AMS Fall Eastern Sectional Meeting, September 24th-25th, 2016.


I am currently working on problems related to machine learning and graph theory at Pacific Northwest National Laboratory.


Best way to reach me is by email at