Carlos M. Ortiz Marrero

Data Scientist


Application of entropy and signal energy for ultrasound-based classification of three-dimensional printed polyetherketoneketone components

with Francesco Luzi, Michelle Fenn, Joseph Christ, Zachary Kennedy, Tamas Varga, Michael Hughes

The Journal of the Acoustical Society of America

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Tracking the Chemical Evolution of Iodine Species Using Recurrent Neural Networks

with Jenna Bilbrey, Michel Sassi, Andrew Ritzmann, Neil Henson, Malachi Schram

ACS Omega

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Robust Assessment of Real-World Adversarial Examples

with Brett Jefferson

CVPR 2020 Workshop on Adversarial Machine Learning in Computer Vision

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Hypernetwork Science via High-Order Hypergraph Walks

with Sinan Aksoy, Cliff Joslyn, Brenda Praggastis, Emilie Purvine

EPJ Data Science

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Physics‐Informed Deep Neural Networks for Learning Parameters and Constitutive Relationships in Subsurface Flow Problems

with Alexandre Tartakovsky, Paris Perdikaris, Guzel Tartakovsky, David Barajas-Solano

Water Resources Research

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On the Structure of Isometrically Embeddable Metric Spaces

with Katy Nowak and Steven Young

In Peer-Review

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Classification of Rank 5 Premodular Categories

with Paul Bruillard

Journal of Mathematical Physics

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Quantum Graph Homomorphisms via Operator Systems

with Vern Paulsen

Linear Algebra and its Applications

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Lovász Theta Type Norms and Operator Systems

with Vern Paulsen

Linear Algebra and its Applications

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State Space Discovery and Data-Driven Modeling of Chemical Systems

with Michael Hughes, Francesco Luzi, Jenna Bilbrey

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Image Compression using Simulated Annealing

with A. Dutta, G. Kim, M. Lamoureux, M. Li, P. Ronagh, M. Sinha, C. Stiegler

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AMS Special Session on Topological Phases of Matter and Quantum Computation

with Paul Bruillard and Julia Plavnik

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