Carlos M. Ortiz Marrero


Tracking the Chemical Evolution of Iodine Species Using Recurrent Neural Networks (with Jenna A. Bilbrey, Michel Sassi, Andrew Ritzmann, Neil Henson, Malachi Schram), ACS Omega, February 2020.
[ paper ]

Robustness Metrics for Real-World Adversarial Examples (with Brett Jefferson), submitted, November 2019.
[ arXiv:1911.10435 ]

Hypernetwork Science via High-Order Hypergraph Walks (with Sinan Aksoy, Cliff Joslyn, Brenda Praggastis, Emilie Purvine), submitted, June 2019.
[ arXiv:1906.11295 ]

Learning Parameters and Constitutive Relationships with Physics Informed Deep Neural Networks (with Alexandre Tartakovsky, Paris Perdikaris, Guzel Tartakovsky and David Barajas-Solano), submitted, August 2018.
[ arXiv:1808.03398, slides (Indiana), Repo ]

On the Structure of Isometrically Embeddable Metric Spaces (with Katy Nowak and Steven Young ), submitted, June 2017.
[ arXiv:1612.08769 ]

Classification of Rank 5 Premodular Categories (with Paul Bruillard), J. Math. Phys., vol. 59, 011702, Janurary 2018.
[ paper, arXiv:1612.08769, slides (JMM 2017) ]

Quantum Graph Homomorphisms via Operator Systems (with Vern Paulsen), Linear Algebra Appl., vol. 497, pp. 23-43, May 2016.
[ paper, arXiv:1505.00483, slides (Barcelona 2015), slides (JMM 2016) ]

Lovász Theta Type Norms and Operator Systems (with Vern Paulsen), Linear Algebra Appl., vol. 477, pp. 128-147, July 2015.
[ paper, arXiv:1412.7101, slides (JMM 2015) ]


Image Compression using Simulated Annealing (with A. Dutta, G. Kim, M. Lamoureux, M. Li, P. Ronagh, M. Sinha, C. Stiegler), IMA Report, August 2015.
[report, slides]


Special Session on Topological Phases of Matter and Quantum Computation at the 2016 AMS Fall Eastern Sectional Meeting, September 24th-25th, 2016.
[ Volume ]


I am currently working on problems related to machine learning, quantum computing, and graph theory at Pacific Northwest National Laboratory.


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